About Us

I’m Tonmi, and I’ve taught myself how to cook, bake, write, edit, and take pictures for this blog. MakeMeGeeky is where I can talk about the food I love and try to get better at photography and writing.

I love everything that tastes good. I’m particular about what I eat, and I’d like to claim that I’m an expert in the field. Everything Italian and Mexican, as well as chocolate, caramel, fruits and veggies, browned butter, and a little spice, are some of my favorite dishes. My life wouldn’t be the same without indulgent dishes like pizza and enchiladas laden with gooey, melted cheese. I like to eat meat. I’m a sucker for cookie dough.

I’ve always been a fan of cookbooks and magazines about food. They have pictures, but novels don’t. 

I want to be a great chief and encourage the people I care about to follow their dreams.

As a food writer, my goal is to create recipes that you, your loved ones, or your friends will enjoy enough to make repeatedly. I hope to get you excited about cooking at home and give you more confidence in the kitchen. Life is meant to be fun, and doesn’t good food make it even more fun? Please follow along, and let’s make something yummy together.

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