Can You Freeze Chicken in Marinade? Expert Tips & Tricks

Can you freeze chicken in marinade? Learn the dos and don’ts of freezing marinated chicken, the best practices, and frequently asked questions in this comprehensive guide.

Did you know that in the United States alone, an estimated 48 million people get sick yearly from foodborne illnesses? And one of the leading causes is improper food storage and handling. When it comes to chicken, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to ensure it’s stored safely and cooked thoroughly. But what about marinating? Can you freeze chicken in marinade without risking your health?

Like most people, you probably love the flavor and convenience of marinated chicken, but you also want to ensure you’re doing it safely. The good news is, freezing marinated chicken can be a safe and effective way to enjoy this tasty dish.

In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about freezing chicken in marinade. We’ve covered you, from safety considerations and best practices to tips and tricks for maximum flavor.

Are you ready to learn to freeze the chicken in marinade like a pro and take your meal prep game to the next level? It’s time to prioritize food safety and proper food storage practices to protect ourselves and our loved ones from foodborne illnesses. 

As the renowned chef and TV personality Emeril Lagasse once said, “Cooking is not just about joining the dots, following one recipe slavishly and then moving on to the next. It’s about developing an understanding of food, a sense of assurance in the kitchen, about the simple desire to make yourself something to eat.” And by learning how to freeze the chicken in the marinade properly, you can do just that.

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Can You Freeze Chicken in Marinade?

Yes, you can freeze the chicken in the marinade! Freezing your marinated raw chicken or skinless chicken breasts will help preserve the flavor and juiciness of the meat.

After marinade the chicken
After marinading the chicken

The freezing process stops the marinating cycle until the meat is thawed, so you’re good even if you keep it in the freezer for months. But remember, don’t do excess marinade.

However, ensuring that it’s cooked within 24 hours when you thaw the chicken is crucial.

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Benefits of Freezing Chicken in Marinade:

Freezing chicken in marinade has a lot of great benefits. For one, it’s incredibly convenient. You can marinate your chicken ahead of time and freeze it, which means you don’t have to worry about making time to let the chicken sit in the marinade before cooking. This is especially helpful if you only have a little time during weeknights or busy weekends. 

Another benefit is that freezing your marinated chicken ensures it is flavorful and juicy when cooking. The freezing process preserves the flavor of your marinade, so all you’ll need to do is thaw the meat and follow your favorite recipe for delicious results.

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How to Freeze Chicken in Marinade?

Marinade Ingredients:

Certain marinade ingredients are essential for creating a flavorful and juicy dish when marinating chicken. This includes:

Olive oil: It’s useful for coating the chicken in seasonings and getting it brown in the oven. You can use tablespoons of olive oil for your chicken preference. You can also use virgin olive oil. 

Olive oil
Olive oil

Acidic ingredients: Like citrus juice, lemon juice, or yogurt, help tenderize the meat and brighten the flavors. But it could be better over 24 hours.

Lemon juice
Lemon juice

Dry spices: Such as black pepper or pepper flakes, cumin, and paprika, bring fantastic flavor to your marinade.

Black pepper
Black pepper

Adding a bit of umami-rich soy sauce helps bring out more savory notes.

Garlic and ginger: Garlic cloves and ginger are two aromatics that can bring your marinade to the next level. While these ingredients don’t need to be used in every marinade, they can add a unique depth of flavor.

Garlic and ginger
Garlic and ginger

Fresh herbs: To finish your marinade, fresh herbs like cilantro and parsley can add a vibrant flavor. Fresh herbs get soft after baking, but their flavor still stands out in any dish. 

Cilantro and parsley
Cilantro and parsley

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A Step-By-Step Guide:

Now that you know the ingredients for marinating chicken, it’s time to learn how to freeze it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on freezing your marinated chicken:

  1. Combine the ingredients for your marinade in a medium bowl or shallow dish. Mix well until all the ingredients have blended.
  2. Add the pound of chicken breasts or chicken thigh, and turn to coat each one in the marinade. Make sure every piece is evenly covered.
  3. Place the chicken in a freezer-safe glass container ( airtight container) or freezer bag and seal it tightly. Label with date and contents before placing in freezer.
  4. Freeze for at least 2 hours. This method will ensure the marinade is evenly distributed on the chicken and preserve its flavor.

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Tips for Proper Storage and Defrosting:

Once you have successfully frozen your chicken marinades, it’s important to remember a few tips when storing and defrosting it. First, make sure the freezer temperature is at 0°F or lower. This will help prevent bacteria from growing on the food while it’s frozen.

Prevent bacteria
Prevent bacteria

Also, label the container with the date and contents before placing it in the freezer. This way, you always know what you have available and how long it’s been stored. When it comes time to thaw out, always do so in your refrigerator overnight for optimal results. 

Never thaw raw chicken at room temperature, as this can cause bacteria growth that could lead to food poisoning.

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Best Marinades for Freezing Chicken:

The list of possible marinades for chicken could go on forever. However, here are a few of the best options if you’re looking for tried and our favorite recipes that freeze well: 

  1. Greek Marinade: This marinade is perfect for grilled or roasted chicken. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, garlic, and salt for a delicious Mediterranean-inspired flavor.
  2. Asian-Style Marinade: For an Asian twist on your marinated chicken, mix soy sauce, ginger, garlic, brown sugar, and sesame oil. This marinade works great with fried or baked chicken dishes.
  3. BBQ Marinade: If you want a classic BBQ chicken flavor, mix your favorite barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, onion powder, and smoked paprika. This marinade works great with grilled chicken.

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Safety of Freezing Chicken in the Marinade:

When it comes to freezing chicken in the marinade, it is crucial to be mindful of food safety. While marinated chicken can be frozen for up to six months, frozen raw chicken that has already been frozen and thawed is not recommended. This can cause bacteria growth, which could lead to food poisoning.

Store chicken in freezer
Store chicken in freezer

Additionally, ensure the freezer temperature is set at 0°F or lower to preserve the freshness and quality of your marinated chicken. Finally, always thaw your chicken breast in the refrigerator overnight for optimal results.

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How Should You Thaw Frozen Chicken in Marinade Before Cooking It?

The process is easy when it comes time to cook and serve your marinated chicken. The first step is to thaw it in the fridge overnight. This will ensure all the flavors have had time to meld together and infuse into the meat.

Once it’s thawed out, discard any remaining marinade and pat it dry with a paper towel. From here, you can cook as desired – whether grilling, roasting, sautéing, or frying.

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Freezing chicken in marinade can be a convenient and flavorful way to prepare meals in advance. By following the right steps and best practices, you can safely freeze marinated chicken and enjoy it at a later time without compromising on taste and quality. Remember to choose the right marinade, handle the chicken with care, and follow proper thawing procedures for the best results. So, the next time you wonder, “Can you freeze chicken in marinade?” the answer is a resounding yes! Happy cooking and freezing!

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