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What Can I Use If I Don't Have Tartar Sauce?

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have Tartar Sauce?

Is your house always on the hunt for tartar sauce? There are tons of different foods that require tartar sauce. Where could you find some?

Tartar sauce is a staple in any kitchen. It’s used for countless dishes and dishes of the day. Sometimes you need a quick pick-me-up when you’re feeling a little low.

If you’re wondering What I can use if I don’t have tartar sauce, keep reading. We’ll walk through several recipes you can use to spice things up in your kitchen.

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What can I use if I don’t have tartar sauce?

Tartar sauce is a popular condiment for seafood, but if you don’t have any on hand, it’s not the end of the world. You can substitute one of these five options instead:

  • Garlic Aioli with or without a bit of dill or chopped pickle
  • Tomato-based cocktail sauce
  • Mayonnaise
  • To complement the saltiness of the seafood, hummus made with a little lemon juice also makes a great dipping sauce.
Garlic Aioli
Garlic Aioli

If you have fresh herbs and spices on hand (tarragon works well), add them to tartar sauce or any of these dips!

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What condiments go well with fish?

There are many options if you want something to go with your fish. The following options are available to you:

  • Ketchup
  • Mayo
  • Mustard
  • Lemon juice (with water)
  • Sour cream, and capers (or pickles).

Does tartar sauce taste like Mayo?

Tartar sauce is a mayonnaise-based sauce, but it has a slightly tart taste that sets it apart from regular Mayo. If you’re looking for something similar in terms of flavor, try mixing some lemon juice or vinegar into your Mayo to add a little zing. 


Or try making an olive oil-based dressing instead: Your tartar sauce will be more creamy and less tangy than traditional tartar sauce, but the olive oil will give it a richer flavor overall.

If you want to use your favorite store-bought dressing instead of making your tartar sauce at home (or if you don’t have any ingredients), check out our list below!

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Q1: What gives tartar sauce its taste?

A: A great sauce will add flavor and texture to your fish or seafood, and tartar sauce is perfect. All you need is mayo, pickles, lime juice, and capers, all common kitchen staples. The fresh lemon cuts through the creaminess of the Mayo and gives the sauce a zesty burst. Add it to your favorite dish or serve it with fish (or ketchup, if you’re feeling adventurous).

Q2: Is tartar sauce the same as ranch?

A: Tartar sauce is a classic seafood condiment, but it’s not the same as a ranch. As a spoonful of tartar sauce contains about a quarter of the calories and fat content of the same amount of mayo, it is a much healthier alternative.

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